✨UPDATE: We're now ver. 1.19✨

TownyClassic is an old-school Towny server, taking the very best of
the Towny plugin and distilling it to the perfect community experience.
Join us today and become part of our ever-growing community!
Server IP: townyclassic.net

Towny Classic

Whether you've never set foot in a Minecraft server, or are a Towny veteran of many years, TownyClassic is the place for you!Work with your friends or make new friends in our bustling community to build up your town, expanding your borders and developing further as you recruit new town members!Whether you prefer cooperation or competition, we have something to suit your tastes. For the more competitive player we host weekly events to compete and win exciting prizes, ranging from free-for-all spleef tournaments to our weekly team pvp events hosted in our epic arena!

Admins & Moderators


Favourite Food: Kare-Kare
Least Favourite Mob: Sheep


Favourite Food: Cheesetart
Least Favourite Mob: Baby Zombie


Favourite Food: Pizza
Least Favourite Mob: Phantom


Favourite Food: Cheese
Least Favourite Mob: Phantom


Favourite Food: Gregg's Chicken Bakes
Least Favourite Mob: Vex


Favourite Food: ???
Least Favourite Mob: ???


Favourite Food: Hot Wings
Least Favourite Mob: Chicken


Favourite Food: Hamburger
Least Favourite Mob: Bat


Favourite Food: Chinese Food
Least Favourite Mob: Phantom

INTERESTED IN JOINING US?Staff applications open periodically based on our coverage needs. Follow our discord for announcements about applications opening!

Server Rules

TownyClassic's moderators help to maintain rules and ensure a positive environment for everyone. Read on to learn more about our server rules!

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Staff Ruling & Punishments

  • A staff's final decision must be respected and adhered to. Arguing about the rules/punishment is not allowed. If you feel a mistake was made make a ban appeal on the servers Discord channel #appeals

  • Anyone arguing about a friend's punishment may result in the same punishment being issued

  • Bypassing any punishments with alts will result in punishment length doubled and if continued the perpetrator will be IP banned.

  • Lying to a staff member about any subject will be punished.

  • Claims of staff/mod abuse in general chat are not acceptable: if you have a complaint to lodge please message an admin.

  • Do not advertise other servers or websites, this includes private messages

  • Inappropriate Skins, Names, Item Names or Nicknames are prohibited

  • Do not use the auction house for advertising purposes. (Advertising warps, towns, etc.)

  • Do not make Swastikas or any other inappropriate builds

  • Do not spread server hate

Advertising & Inappropriate Subjects

  • Do not scam/chat scam (this includes renaming items and selling them in any way)

  • The Staff team is not responsible for casino losses, but intentional deception on the part of casinos is forbidden

  • Bypassing locks will result in the same punishment as exploiting a bug

Bugs & Exploits

  • Any Bugs and exploits must be reported to staff immediately

  • Do not exploit any bugs, doing so will result in a temporary ban, followed by a permanent ban for repeat offences (this includes duping of items or abusing plugins/items in any way)

  • Players deliberately testing/searching for bugs/exploits will be treated as bug abusers with the usual repercussions. Bugs found accidentally should be reported as usual without repercussions.

Behaviour Towards Others

  • Blackmail of any form is forbidden and will be met with serious consequences

  • Discrimination, harassment, or bullying of any kind not be tolerated

  • Sharing personal information of others is not allowed

  • Listing items from the /cosmetics menu on /ah will be treated as scamming

Hacking/Modified clients & Macros

  • Do not use Hacked clients

  • Do not use any mods that are not on our Approved Mods list

  • Do not Joke about using hacked/modded clients in the past and/or present as it will result in the same punishment

  • Do not accuse people of hacking, no Excuse (use /msg to make staff aware or make a player report)

  • X-Ray Texture/Resource packs will be treated the same as using X-Ray

  • Do not use spamming macros

PVP Rules

  • No teleport killing, regardless of time since teleport - this includes TPing to a town to kill players in unsafe PvP or ambushing players who have TPed to a town.

  • No luring players out of protected areas with the intent of killing them

  • No use of pushing items to knock other players out of protected areas

  • Do not teleport to people to disarm them

  • Weapons disarmed in /warp pvp should be returned after the fight

  • Do not use Disguises, Pets, or any Modded clients in /warp pvp

Alternate Accounts

  • Do not exceed our alt limit of 3, doing so will result in the main account warned and alts banned

  • Using any accounts temporarily also counts towards your alt limit

  • Any account not used in a month will no longer count toward your alt limit

  • Using alt accounts to afk at your auto farm or using your main account to afk while doing other things as an alt is not allowed

Chat Rules

  • Be respectful towards all staff and players

  • Telling people to kill themselves (includes KYS) is harassment even if meant as a joke

  • Swearing is allowed but must be kept to a minimum and not to insult other players

  • Do not spam (this includes key spam, /afk spam, flooding chat and overuse of caps)

  • Do not attempt to start a riot in chat.

  • Do not spread hate about the server.

  • No Conversations about sexual topics or illegal narcotics.

  • Do not use racial slurs, sexual/inappropriate/vulgar language directed towards another player

  • Religion & politics are allowed in chat, however, if a staff member believes a situation is beginning to get out of hand they have the power to end the conversation

  • English is the only language permitted to be used in global channels

  • Do not use the obfuscate, bold, strikethrough or underline chat formats

  • Do not use /nick to impersonate any other players especially staff

  • DDOS Threats, serious or otherwise, will be met with a permanent ban

Griefing & Protection

  • Griefing any claimed area, irrespective of your role in said area, is considered as griefing. This includes mayors/town staff stealing from other players or taking money which is not theirs from a town bank.

  • Any form of unauthorised building or destruction within 2 chunks of claimed space is forbidden, and will be punished as griefing.

  • Players must be allowed to collect their items 4 days after being kicked

  • No griefing within 2 plots of an established town (this does not protect chests)

  • No griefing natural terrain within 6 plots of an established town (Player made builds, roads etc are not protected outside of the 2 plot rule)(Natural terrain such as trees, grass and mountains are protected)

  • A portal connected to a town is treated as claimed space for the chunks they occupy, and is subject to the same 2 chunk griefing rule.

  • Claiming around a town to prevent growth is seen as harassment, and will be punished by the town being disbanded.

  • Moderators are not responsible for items lost in a Shulker Box or the player's second hand. Put items in there at your own risk.

  • Unclaimed spaces within a town's outer border will no longer be counted as protected by the 2 chunk rule, as the rule is being misused to stretch claims beyond their means by closing unclaimed spaces within claimed spaces.

Lag Limitations

  • Towns are allowed a total of 1024 crop blocks for redstone farms - this covers the crops origin block (so for sugar cane it only counts the 1 sugar cane that the rest grow from), however for pumpkins and melons 1 stem counts as 2 blocks toward the limit.

  • No more than 128 item frames may be used per chunk

  • No more than 64 item hoppers may be used per chunk

  • No redstone-assisted block generators, such as basalt/cobble/obsidian/stone generators.

  • No more than 4 spawners per chunk, with no adjacent chunks being used for spawners. Even if you have 1 spawner in a chunk there can be none in the adjacent ones.


  • 4 iron golem farms per town, each farm defined as the setup required to spawn a single iron golem.

  • Exchanges involving out-of-server trading (real-world trading or trading in another game/server) are not forbidden. However, TownyClassic does not accept any liability for losses or damages incurred as a result. We do not offer any support for trades outside of the server, though if all trades are undertaken within the server then damages may be brought before staff for resolution. All exchanges made outside of the server are made at your own risk.

  • Moderators cannot intervene in situations where players ‘nudge’ afk players into dangerous positions without the use of tools. The use of items such as fishing rods or the seismic axe to move an afk player to a dangerous position is forbidden.

  • No items lost due, in any part, to player error will not be refunded. For example, if you drop an item and then get disconnected by the server, this cannot be returned to you.

  • Do not use a third-party program to automate any form of gameplay, such as mining or fishing.

  • Any farm/contraption that could be used for afk circumvention, even if exclusively used while you are not afk, is not allowed

  • Auto fish farms that can be used for AFK-ing are not allowed

  • Do not use or do anything to intentionally cause lag to another player and or the server

  • The auction house is only to be used for selling items. Any offensive and or inappropriate items will be removed

  • (This limit is per town) Cactus farms are limited to either: 2 vertically unlimited chunks of farm space, or 8 underground farms. Violations will lead to a warning to remove offending farm space within 24 hours, followed by a 24h ban and an automatic removal with no material refund.

  • Do not re-sell mapart gotten trademarked by someone else (if the items description has a name that isn't yours, dont sell it)

  • Do not buy mapart that isn't being sold by the owner (you can check who the real owner is by looking at the description of the mapart)

  • Only set homes in claimed areas with the owners' permission. Do not use homes to bypass set plot permissions.

  • If a town owner has been inactive for 60 days, residents (in order of rank) may submit a ticket to contest ownership of said town. Town ownership claims will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • The lending of in-game items is conducted entirely at the player's own risk. Neither mods nor admins will retrieve loaned items from another player's inventory.

List of Approved Mods

If a mod that you want to use doesn't appear on this list please make a support ticket on the discord so we can see if it should be allowed or not

Categories of Approved Modifications

  • Client Performance Mods (e.g. FPS Improvement Mods)

  • Aesthetic Mods (e.g. Shaders)

  • Combat Mods (e.g. Armor & Effect Statuses, Damage Indicators)

  • Brightness & Gamma Mods

  • Chat Aesthetic Mods (does not include the use of special characters & fonts)

Any mods that don't fall into these categories are not allowed. Some mods are allowed with certain features disabled. Restrictions are outlined below.

  • Optifine (Restrictions: In the Optifine mod, there is an entity counter showed in the top left of your screen when the option "Show FPS" is enabled. The second number counts chests as entities, and using this to find underground bases or skyvaults is not allowed, and is bannable.

  • Shaders

  • Armour & Status Effect Mods

  • 5zig Mod

  • Minimaps (Restrictions: markers that show entities such as players, mobs, etc., cave systems/overground view, topography, maps that show skyvaults (covered in signs, blended in sand, or not) are not allowed.

  • LabyMod

  • Damage Indicators Mod

  • F3 + B Debug Tool

  • Just Enough Items (or similar mods)

Creative Mode

All rules which apply to TownyClassic also apply to the Creative server. Creative-specific rules are as follows:

  • Do not abuse /trust perms on a plot - this includes griefing & intentionally using the space in a manner in which the plot owner did not agree to.

  • Do not use alternate accounts to bypass plot limits. Any alternate accounts found to be used for this purpose will have creative mode access revoked within the server, and plots will be unclaimed. Joining plots with another human player to create a large project, however, is allowed.

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